Friday, January 23, 2009

Waiting Game

I hate it.

I have always been an impatient person. I hate waiting in line for anything. I hate sitting outside the doctor's office. I hate standing on the corner for the bus. I hate the last few days before a big "surprise".

I would rather not know when something is going to happen. Or if it is, at all. I think I will cope better with shock than suspense. I get anxious if I am told to wait at a certain time. I get disappointed if there are any delays. I get raving mad if "IT" doesn't happen altogether.

I see no reason why someone would put someone else in such a state. Why ask another person to wait? What if what was promised never comes to fruition? What then? Can you go back to that other person and say, "Oh, sorry to keep your hopes up/make you worry/scare you. Never mind, it's not happening. You can stop waiting now."

Making someone wait is cruel. There should be no promises, no guarantees; under-promise, over-deliver! There should be no disappointments, no hurt, no hate. No waiting anymore. And no more games.

3 side-notes:

thedemigod said...

*blink blink

This is a wee bit dark and twisty, isn't it?

There are plastic, vibrating versions that fix this, you know... LOL!


LingBling said...

you and your dirty little gay mind! i lahvet!

im coming home soon. i hope to see you!


vanilla said...

don't worry too much mah. just let "it" need to wait too long. =)