Sunday, January 4, 2009

Starting the Year in the Zone... The Twilight Zone

The Vanilla Bear and I have always had an eerie kind of connection. We would spend a lot of time sitting in our respective cubes in the office and chatting online so it would look like we were busy working. We were almost always found out because we would be giggling too loudly and slapping our thighs so hard.

What was so LOL/LMAO/ROFL/LYSOL/BOLOL/PIMPLMAO-funny was that we were reading each other's minds. You can hear our keyboards clicking away, punctuated by the hard CLACK of the Enter key to signify being sent across. And right on cue, the stifled laughters would burst forth. Because while our fingers were busy typing, our brains were already communicating. We would be typing the exact same thing, rushing to beat the other at the Enter key, only to read back the exact same words we sent.

We called it the Twilight Zone connection, complete with the LSS-ful theme: "Ni-nu-ni-nu, ni-nu-ni-nu..." And it is special. It is almost statistically impossible to meet 1 person out of almost 7 billion in the world that you have that kind of connection with. I thought I was lucky to have that statistical impossibility tucked under my belt. Until now.

Now, I am twice as lucky. I have met another Twilight Zone connectee. B.B.T.B. currently holds the number 1 spot on the Quickest Time to Achieve category (sorry, Vanilla Bear!). It took him all of 2 seconds to establish this connection with me. He also, by the way, currently holds the record for Most Times Done in The Shortest Time Possible category. Only because I have been talking to him more than the Vanilla Bear lately.

Man, oh, man. While others are wishing they had even half a connectee, here I am with two. I wonder how it would be like to have both of them in the same room. Hhmmm... maybe we don't have to say anything at all. We would probably just be L-ing our A's O!

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