Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My Grown Up Dear Santa Letter

Dear Santa,

I never believed you existed. You see, I'm Pinoy. We do not have you or the idea of you until we were colonized by the Americans. Even then, I couldn't believe in you. Here is why I thought you could not be real:

1. You go down the chimney to leave your presents. We never lived in a house that had a chimney.
2. You ride a sleigh that flying reindeer pull across the sky. No known species of reindeer can fly.
3. You deliver all the gifts on Christmas Eve. Well, in the Philippines we stay up all night on Christmas Eve. We never see/hear you come.
4. I've been deliberately bad some years, and I still get presents at Christmas.

I'm seeing a lot of your movies again lately. It seems to me that if you are real, you only go to the US. Maybe if you spent less time hanging out at the malls or the street corners outside of the malls in the US, you would have more time delivering your presents and not cram all of it in one night. Don't you think that makes sense?

There's more than 2 billion children all over the world. Take away the ones who've been naughty, and you might still have about a billion. With that many children to shop for, you must get the presents mixed up a lot. I have personally received gifts I never asked for and therefore, didn't like.

Now that I'm all grown up, I don't think there's anything I want that I can't buy for myself. Nope, what I want can't be bought. So what's the sense asking you, right? It's not something that you can wrap up and a put a ribbon on. It's not something you can stuff in a Christmas stocking.

But still, it's worth one more try. Dear Santa, I'm in the US this Christmas. If you only have time to get around here, then maybe you can squeeze me in. I've been bad this year, but I've been good too, so maybe we can just call it quits? And say I've been OK?

Hope you'll have time to check your email for this letter. Maybe you should get yourself a Blackberry this year...

2 side-notes:

vanilla said...


i lav et!

LingBling said...

welkam bak naman!
i knoe! mah. this new year's is definitely one for the Twilight Zone books.

i think can believe in Santa again :)