Thursday, November 20, 2008

Last Note from Here

And so it is. I am writing in my notes from my hometown, Manila, for the last time this year.

I have left so many times before, but I keep coming back. Back home.

As I leave again, I leave behind my failures. I leave behind my stupid mistakes and bad judgment. I leave behind memories with friends. Memories of all-night videoke marathons. Endless catch-ups and our very own private fiestas.

By the time I create my next entry, I would have turned a new page... to a new chapter. Again.

I hope to fill the new pages of my life with as much joy and sadness as this year had brought me. For without the tears, happiness is not as sweet. Without grief, there are no good times to look forward to. Only more hardships to dread.

Life will unfold as it wants. I can not control it, but I will have to live it. So this is my last note from here:

Live life. As it is. As you are.

2 side-notes:

vanilla said...

Hay. I'll see you next year na, maaaaah!

Don't forget to activate the roaming churvy on your phone ha so I can call you on Christmas.


Anonymous said...

wow, and to think i just got back from bohol! salisi talaga tayo. see you when you get back!! - agay