Friday, February 13, 2009

New Antics in Old Age

Alright, well, maybe not so old.

Last night I went out on my pre-Valentine's date with the girls. It was the usual dinner-coffee outing that we were used to. Bang picked out this little Persian resto, and we capped it off with dessert (which Baric bought!) and coffee at the next-door Starbucks.

We had a lot of fun catching up on with each other's lives, and ended the night at midnight, a la Cinderella!

Then the excitement begins.

We got Bang into a cab. And then Baric. While me and Balok hopped into Zezy to drive on home. Somewhere between Shaw and Pioneer, we received a call from Bang saying she had to get out of the cab because the driver said he was picking up three other passengers. WTF!!!!! right?

I slowed down big time, ready to turn around and pick her up myself. But she said she was fine, at a local MiniStop, waiting for her partner to pick her up.

So that drama was over. Then it was Balok's turn. She forgot to bring her house keys and had to depend on her kids to open the door for her when she got home. So much for that; the kids were all fast asleep. We spent a few minutes banging on her front gate until she had to pee -- real bad. We drove on to my house for a pee break, then went back to her house, armed with a MonoBloc chair for leverage -- to climb over the gate. Alas, all the yoga we have been doing has not yet given her enough upper body strength to get her over. I had to back the car up real close tot he gate so she can step on the roof and haul herself over.

God! The trikes must have thought we were akyat bahay or something. *Sigh* we never get too old for comedy!

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